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Tendring Time Bank was started in April 2011 in Clacton-on-Sea, Essex, with help and advice from our nearest neighbour, Colchester Time Bank.

Time Banking is built on the principle of being a good neighbour, by helping out in the community and being rewarded for it in the currency of time . Everyone has some skills to offer; no money changes hands, just your time and everyone's time is valued equally, whether they are a bookkeeper or a beekeeper. For example, you may help someone with their decorating then another person helps you with your garden. It's free to join and you decide how much time you have to offer. In return our members can help with; gardening, home repairs, sewing, computer skills, playing a musical instrument, therapies and much more.

 Have a read of the other pages on this site to see if Tendring Time Bank is something you would like to be involved with. The links will show you some of the things we have been doing and if you want to join - and we hope you do - then go to the ‘contacts’ page to find out how or click on a ‘Join Now’ button to go straight to the request form.

Due to Covid, the Time Bank Centre in St Osyth Road is closed until further notice.