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Time banks started in the 1990's in the US and its originator was Edgar Cahn, who wanted to empower people who were generally dismissed as a drain on society and who were seen as just passive recipients of welfare programmes with no valuable contribution to make to their own welfare or that of their community. When the idea spread to other countries, including the UK, they came to be called Time Banks or Time Exchanges. Edgar Cahn has written a book on the principles and practice of time banking called ‘No More Throw-Away People’  ISBN-13: 978-1893520028.

When people join the time bank they are vetted. New members will be asked to fill in an application form and have a chat with the Centre Manager. References will be taken up and depending on the service the member is offering they may need to have a DBS check (Data Barring Service) with the police service; having a criminal record does not necessarily bar people from becoming members, but it may prevent them from doing certain types of work. Although certain offences are considered spent after a period of time and so won’t count against them, other offences can never be considered.

The Time Bank is covered by Public Liability and Employer’s Liability insurance, so is each task recorded and co-ordinated by the Time Banker using the correct procedure, so that if anything went wrong, for example an accident or any damage or injury caused by or to members, the insurance would cover this. Because of this the Time Bank does  all that is possible to ensure that our members are protected from others by vetting and good practice.

If you decide you want to join, you can CLICK HERE or you can telephone or call in to the Time Bank Centre (see our address on the Contact Us page). Once the paperwork has been completed - we can help you with this - you will be entered on our database; once references have been returned, time exchanges can take place.

The Centre is open from 9am to 3pm every weekday. Some mornings or afternoons have been set aside for various groups because they were specifically asked for and are open to all members. We have books and DVDs/VHS for sale as well as handcrafted items and have a jigsaw rental service available too. You can just pop in to have a chat too if you want.