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The Time Bank aims to be approachable and to treat everyone with respect and fairness. Everyone's skills are valued equally - one hour always equals one time credit regardless of the type of transaction and level of skill; we will, however, give particular priority to working with people whose participation in society is limited by economic, environmental or social disadvantage, exclusion or marginalisation. Tendring Time Bank (TTB) has a responsibility to maintain high standards for all its members; and members have this responsibility towards other members.

Members’ Requirements

Treat all other people with dignity and respect and not to use any abusive or discriminatory behavior that humiliates, exploits or undermines another person.

Refrain from promoting your political, religious or spiritual beliefs to other members. People's political and religious beliefs are respected, but TTB is not a vehicle for recruiting people to any organization or creed.

Respect the privacy of other members and treat all personal information in confidence.

Do each task at the time and place agreed to, or give as much notice as possible if you can't. Tasks must be completed on your own or only with other Time Bank members.

No alcohol can be consumed and no smoking on others’ premises. Only consume someone else's food and drink when freely invited to do so.

No money to exchange hands other than of out pocket expenses or donations to the Time Bank.

Report any genuine concerns about the health, safety or well-being of another member to Time Bank staff.