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We can a do lot to help each other - below  are some of the things we help with at the moment - but if you want help with something different, then ask. If we don’t know how to help, we can point you in the right direction. But remember, this is all about what we can do for each other so if we do something for you, then we will be asking what you can do for another member. Don’t underestimate your own skills - there is always something you can give back.

We have a centre in St Osyth Road and members asked if they could meet at the there for group activities, so there are some set times and days for certain groups, but in and around them, we have ‘drop ins’  that everyone is welcome to for chat, ask for help with something, or just sit and have a cup of tea. We also offer internet facilities for anything from writing a letter, Skype ing a relative or even using comparison sites for cheaper utilities. Click here to see the ‘time table’ of activities and ‘earn’ time credits doing something you are expert at or just want to try.


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