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The love of a dog is a powerful experience. When you come home they are happy to see you in a way that can only be expressed as joy and unconditional love. Dogs become a part of the family and in return, all they require is that you love them. It is a fact that a dog provides you with better health as you are motivated to walk them; which is a great way to meet people or start a conversation with other pet owners. Sometimes though, through illness or injury, walking your dog isn’t possible and if family or friends are not able to take this over, owners have made the heartbreaking decision to give their cherished pet up for re homing. This doesn’t have to be the way though, there are people who would love to have a dog in their life, but for many reasons may not be able to. At Tendring Time Bank  we can  match these individuals up so the owner doesn’t have to give  up a much loved pet, the dog gets enough exercise to be happy and healthy and the walkers can have a loving relationship with a dog. The community always needs volunteer dog walkers, come along any time and find out more.