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Money Management

If you are having difficulties making ends meet, then the Monday afternoon Maths and Money Management group can give you the confidence to cope. It starts with a better understanding of basic maths, using short speed tests to build up confidence and mental agility. This leads on to help with budgeting and advice on reducing costs and saving money and can  assist with college or homework problems. Don’t worry, individual capabilities are taken into account and work is tailored to the individual, rather than a fixed class routine.

Form Filling

Form filling is a problem for many different people whether they are in paper form or on-line. If you are having any problems with the whole form or just part of it, we can help you to complete it. There is no restriction on the length of time it takes to complete any form, and we may also be able to advise on any additional items related to the form that you are required to complete including printing and photocopying which is free to members. Non-members can still use the photocopier and printer, but we do have to ask for a donation towards costs.