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Love it or hate it, unless you live in a flat at some time you are going to have to deal with a garden. Be it in containers, a courtyard, balcony pots or complete with lawns, beds and paving, it grows and needs to be tamed before it becomes too much to sort out. As a member of Tendring Time Bank, if your garden becomes too much work we can help, whether it’s weeding, grass cutting, hedge trimming or help in making it more manageable for you. Landscaping? Well no, not until a Landscape Gardener joins the Time Bank, but we are good at coming up with ideas which when shared, helps us keep our own gardens under control too.


How Can We Help

We can a do lot to help each other - below are some of the things we help with at the moment - but if you want help with something different, then ask. If we don’t know how to help, we can point you in the right direction.

Jackie Wise


Dog Walking



Money Management

Form Filling



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